If you have a HomeOwner Income Protection Policy, it is very important that you regularly review your insurance against your needs and keep the policy up to date. If your circumstances or financial commitments change you should inform MMS immediately of any alteration you wish to make to the policy. Changes may affect the premium but not keeping your policy up to date may affect your ability to make a claim.

We will confirm the details of your cover on an annual basis by writing to you but please note that premiums are collected on a monthly basis. We will inform you when we will collect your insurance premium and for each month that a Direct Debit is honoured your cover will automatically renew.

If you wish to make a change to your policy (which you can do at any time after you have had the policy for more than 30 days) please contact MMS and ask for the Policy Servicing Team on the number below:

MMS Policy Servicing Team: 0113 2558611

We can deal with your query more efficiently by telephone, however you can also contact us as follows:

Melbourne House
Melbourne Street
LS28 5BT

Tel: 0113 2558611
Fax: 0113 2393160
E-mail: policy.servicing@mms-uk.com

If you are unsure, and wish to discuss your personal circumstances, please contact the adviser who sold you the policy.

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